“Reading Untamed has resulted in some deep scar tissue being lifted away,
a lot of full on ugly crying into Christ’s arms, and for the first time in a very long time, an uncanny, almost frightening level of hope taking root deep in my heart.
— John

You were made for more. Can you sense it?

There is a desire in every human heart to be part of something bigger and greater than themselves. We search in many different places, hoping we can fulfill this longing. We chase after careers, relationships, family, possessions, status, and addiction. Some pursuits are good, some are destructive—none of them can ultimately satisfy the cry of our heart.

Get ready to start living Untamed and…

  • Trade your life of striving for God’s journey of abundance and adventure
  • Experience freedom to pursue radical dreams
  • Overcome your fears, take wild risks and experience the impossible
  • Live out the promises God has placed within you

You were created to dream… and dream big. Discover how to take the limits off your dreams and start experiencing the abundant life that you were made for!

“Like the first breath of fresh air after almost drowning to death beneath the waves…There is a tree of joy sprouting up in my heart where I thought there was just stubborn stone left. Thank you, for sharing the beautiful keys that our Father gave you, they are shaped like a life preserver.”
— Samuel

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