Whole & Insane...Surrendered & Untamed

To live surrendered gives us the incredible freedom to live untamed. It’s our surrender that leads us into the presence of God and it’s these God encounters that define and release us into an untamed existence. This existence is available to every believer! It is found in the promise Jesus made before He ascended. A promise of a Spirit led life, a Spirit breathed life, a life of seeing where the Father moves and moving with Him.

Surrendered & Untamed, A Field Guide for the Vagabond Believer, is part of a series by the same title (S&U) that includes four films hosted by Mark Batterson (bestselling author of The Circle Maker and pastor of National Community Church) and a participant’s guide.

Whether experienced in a group setting or individually, the combined impact of the book, DVD, and participant’s guide will ignite faith and stir the imagination of readers as it leads them to the presence of God and the promise of a Spirit-led life.

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