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A Family Story News – WE'RE MAKING A MOVIE!


A FAMILY STORY has one passion, to create brilliant content that is catalytic to the discovery of God’s good love. We believe a greater revelation of the love of God is what leads to transformed hearts and minds. 

That is why I am thrilled to tell you about our huge news! WE'RE MAKING A MOVIE!!

A FAMILY STORY has partnered with the Senior Producer of the X-Men series, the former VP of 20th Century Fox, and an NYT bestselling author to create a powerfully good feature film that will amaze and reveal the transformative power of God’s always good love!


Over the last six months, my brother Joel and I have been working to develop a screenplay and assemble a team to make the movie; a powerful film about family, love, loss and radical faith. The favor of God has been amazing and we have had some incredible people come alongside to partner with us. Let me introduce them.


Joel Clark, a Producer, and Director with A FAMILY STORY will Direct this film; a film based on a theme from a book by a friend of ours, Mark Batterson. Mark is the Pastor of National Community Church in DC. He has authored 15 books, including NYT Bestseller, The Circle Maker. Mark will be one of the Executive Producers of this film.

In the last two months, Ralph Winter and Simon Swart have signed on as Executive Producers as well. Ralph has produced films over the last 20 years including, Marvels, X-Men Series, Planet of the Apes, and Star Trek. Simon, a former VP of Twentieth Century Fox, worked on many films including,  Juno, Napoleon Dynamite, The Passion and Avatar. These men have been looking for the right opportunities to make brilliant faith-based films and we are so honored to have their influence and expertise! 


As to the movie - I can’t give away the title, or too much of the synopsis yet, but here is a brief overview of the message.

“At the heart of the film are questions everyone struggles with at some point in life. Questions such as, “If God is good, why is there such pain in the world?”, “How does my life impact others?”, “What is family?” and “Can one person truly make a difference?”

This story is about the complexity of family and finding the goodness of God in the greatest of life's pain - the loss of loved ones."

A FAMILY STORY will play a continued role in this movie! Besides Writer, Director and Producer roles, we will be releasing a film based discipleship curriculum in partnership with Mark Batterson. This series will further develop the truths from the film and will be a great invitation to discover God’s always good love!


As a fledgling Non-Profit ministry, we are on the cusp of some amazing things! But while we are favor rich, we’re currently pinching pennies to keep the lights on.

If you believe in the message of A FAMILY STORY or have been blessed by the ministry, I would ask you to consider partnering with us prayerfully AND financially for this year.

This is a breakthrough year (listen to the Breakthrough message on our podcast) and we believe the revelation of the love of God is being released on the planet like never before. I ask you to help us as we follow our favor into greater influence and promise.

And I want to thank those who pray for us daily and those who have given and who give monthly. We love you and are so grateful!

Jason and Karen Clark – July 6, 2017


P.S More News


Our Podcast is finally up! We are releasing messages every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. You can listen or download at A Family Story. Or, you can get the podcast on iTunes or Google Play.


August and September are wide open on my schedule. I would love to come and spend a weekend with your church, to encourage and empower you into the always good love of our Father.

If you would like to have me come speak, you can send me an email HERE. You can see my speaking schedule HERE.


As many of you know, my book, God Is (Not) In Control – The Whole Story Is Better Than You Think, released in May. The feedback has been astounding and I will share it at another time. In the meantime, you can learn more about it here HERE. 

We are currently running a BOOK GIVEAWAY through this weekend. If you want to sign up to WIN a copy, you can do so HERE.

In Full Swing for 2017


It’s been some time since we have been in touch. That’s because I, Jason Clark, spent most of the first 10 weeks of 2017 on one thing, finishing my new book.

I am thrilled to inform you that I handed it in to the printer March 15th!


Releases May 1st

Order now and we will send it out May 1st!

I will be posting several articles pulled fresh from the pages of the book over the coming weeks to encourage and give insight into the books message. For the most recent post CLICK HERE

Is there other news from A Family Story? Yes, so glad you asked!


This year we plan to release several more (at least 4) episodes of Imagine with Jason Clark. This is an interview based show all about the transformative goodness of God. It’s fun and revelatory. The second episode aired late last year. It features Trisha Frost whom I had the opportunity to take to Smoothie King. She had some fun stories and great wisdom about the goodness of God! If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out HERE.


We are still praying into developing a six-week small group guide/devotional for the book Prone to Love that would include six DVD teachings. This book carries the core message of A Family Story – the Fathers perfect love. This book has led so many into an encounter with our Fathers good love. If you feel led to partner in this with us, let us know.


We also hope to have a regular podcast set up soon. A monthly message that will encourage and empower you to grow in trust and grace. In the meantime, if you want to leisten to a message on the subject of my new book you can download it HERE.


We have some really big news coming! I can’t give away much yet, but it is an amazing film based project that is powerfully good! Pray for wisdom and continued favor. AND stay tuned


The last two months have been focused on writing. However, in these next months, I will be at Crossroads Church in Waxhaw, River Church in Huntersville, and our home church, Newsong to name a few.  I am so honored to be a part of the story God is telling in the Charlotte area. God is moving powerfully in our area; hearts are coming alive to His good love and we are growing sure in our Fathers affection. If you would like to have me come speak you can send me an email at THIS LINK



· To purchase cameras and cover the editing budget for teaching material

· To set up editorial and developmental help as well a strategy for the release of, GOD IS (NOT) IN CONTROL, THE WHOLE STORY IS BETTER THAN YOU THINK

·  To hire web developmental help/intern

If you would like more details specific to giving we can send a breakdown our financial needs. Just email me at jason@afamilystory.org A FAMILY STORY IS A 501c3

We so value your friendship and continued prayer and support. We are thankful for all of you and are honored to run together to see His kingdom come.

Jason and Karen Clark - March 17, 2017

We Are Official!


First things first - We Are Official

A Family Story is official! We received our 501 (c) 3 status early in August! Thanks to Shannon Chambers who navigated the process for us and thanks to our Newsong church family for giving toward this!

That's good news for those who have been giving and those who want to. You can click HERE to make a donation

- Board Members - Our board has been established. For the sake of brevity, I will simply post the names here. I hope to have more information up on A Family Story’s website ASAP. Our board consists of, Mark Appleyard, Jeff Watson, Shannon Chambers, Shawn Ring, Lloyd Clark, Jeremy Cole, and Scott Crowder. All of these folks are amazing and we are honored by their friendship and partnership!

The Presence

We have had several adventures in the last months. One of the highlights being our trip to Jerusalem where we shot the third episode of The Presence titled, “Put on the Full Armor.”

We had the opportunity in Israel to meet and interview some incredible people including, Andrew White (the Vicar of Bagdad), Steven Khoury (Pastor of Holy Land Missions) and Jurgen Buhler (the Director of ICEJ).

We are currently editing this episode and executive producers, John and Heidi White, hope to release it later this year. I am honored to be a part of this show!

While we were in Jerusalem the second episode of The Presence aired. It is titled, Take Every Thought Captive. This episode takes place in Managua Nicaragua and tells a powerful faith story of pastor Daniel Ortega and the ministry to the people of Nicaragua. You can watch it here.

To learn more about the show, you can go HERE. 

Imagine with Jason Clark

Before leaving for that trip, I was a part of The River Fellowship East Coast Conference. There were some incredible times of ministry and fellowship that weekend. We love being a part of that family!

During that weekend we shot two more interviews for our new web series Imagine. The amazing guests were, Jonathan Welton - President of Welton Academy, and Tricia Frost - Director of Shiloh Place Ministries.

We have one more episode to shoot later this month in Iceland (more on that later) and editing has begun. We hope to have the first season of Imagine available online in late September.

Speaking and Writing

The last two months have been focused on writing and speaking.

Specifically these last months, I have been at Crossroads Church in Waxhaw, River Church in Huntersville, and our home church, Newsong. I will be at the latter two again in the coming weekends. I am so honored to be a part of the story God is telling in the Charlotte area. God is moving powerfully in our area; hearts are coming alive to His good love and we are growing sure in our Fathers affection. I have several out of state speaking engagements later this year.

You can see my speaking schedule HERE.

As to writing, I have been working on two projects. First, I have been editing/writing a book for Mark Appleyard, Pastor of Crossroads Church in Waxhaw NC and Director of Anothen Ministries. Anothen is a Kingdom mentoring ministry to business executives. This book is a revelatory tool that will empower sons and daughters, particularly in the business community, to live as representatives of His Kingdom on earth. I am honored to be involved!

Second, I am in the editing stage of my new book, The Whole Story. Thanks to Nancy Bishay, who is helping with the edits I hope to begin pre-sales in early Oct. This book is focused on the sovereignty of love as opposed to control. It invites sons and daughters into a greater revelation of Gods goodness so we can access trust and experience intimacy.

We are exploring self-publishing for this book. We will be releasing more information on both the content and when it will release in the coming months.

We will be shooting a trailer for this book as well as the last episodes for Imagine late in August. We will be shooting this in Iceland with my brother Joel. He has such a revelation of discovering our epic story in Gods and I can’t think of a better place to shoot this than Iceland. This is a trip I was invited on by some good friends and I’m so very grateful – thanks, Aaron and Seth!

Our focus for the remainder of the year 2016:

· We hope to shoot six teaching sessions before years end to support a small group devotional guide for Prone To Love.  

· We continue to edit and plan to release my new book, The Whole Story the last quarter of 2016 or first quarter 2017.

· We have filmed five interviews for the first season of Imagine and will film the sixth late Aug. We hope to release all six episodes thru late September into early October.

Partner with Us:

· To purchase cameras and cover the editing budget for teaching material and the first six episodes of Imagine

· To set up editorial and developmental help as well a strategy for the release of, The Whole Story

·  To hire web developmental help/intern

If you would like more details specific to giving we can send a breakdown our financial needs. Just email me at jason@afamilystory.org

We so value your friendship and continued prayer and support. We are thankful for all of you and are honored to run together to see His kingdom come.

Jason and Karen Clark - Aug 8, 2016


To sign up for our mailing list, click HERE.


A Week with Shiloh Place Ministries


This last month has been full and sweet. I spent nearly a week in Myrtle Beach ministering with Tricia Frost and Doug and Sarah Crew at Shiloh Place Ministries. This was a powerfully focused time of pouring into sons and daughters the great pleasure of our Father.

There is nothing like the transformative love of our Dad and I was honored to be a part of such a forerunner ministry of this revelation.

Nearly 40 attended this intimate school and the testimonies given on the last day were nothing short of miraculous – hearts transformed, identity revealed, sons and daughters sure in our Fathers love!

My family was able to join me on this trip and we were blessed by great hospitality (thanks Tricia) and some beach time as well – we love the whole Shiloh Place Ministry family!

In the last two weeks, we have filmed two interviews (Mark Appleyard and Mahesh Chavda) for the web series Imagine with Jason Clark, with another planned for this weekend (Anthony Skinner). I have attached a teaser of my interview with Mahesh Chavda.

In this first month since officially launching A Family Story ministries, we have experienced great favor. So many have come along side to partner with us and we are so grateful!

  • We have nearly settled the board for the ministry (we’ll announce soon)
  • We have started the process of becoming a 501c3
  • We have started developing a devotional guide for Prone To Love
  • We have filmed two interviews for Imagine
  • I am nearly finished with the manuscript, The Whole Story (a book about the great difference between sovereign control and sovereign love) It is being presented to potential publishers this month

We would love your continued prayer and support as we develop and prepare for our (Karen will join me) trip to Israel for the filming of the third episode of The Presence. This series encourages believers to grow sure in love and to live a greater works existence. We are so honored and thrilled to be a part of this show.

As to the days ahead, we are believing for the right relationships and resources to:

  • Purchase cameras and an editing suite.
  • Set up editorial and developmental help for the new book, The Whole Story (a book about the great difference between sovereign control and sovereign love)
  • Hire web developmental help

If you would like to PARTNER with us join HERE.

We are still very much in the formative days so bear with us as we figure out mailing lists and the best way to keep you all informed. We are thankful for all of you and are honored to run together to see His kingdom come.

Jason and Karen Clark - May 8 2016

We've Launched A Family Story!


DEAR FRIENDS,                                                                      Jan-Mar 2016

Nearly two years ago, Karen and I stepped away from a full-time pastor position. We had a handful of opportunities in similar pastor roles but felt our Father inviting us to dream with Him into an itinerate teaching ministry. We had plenty of questions but were confident in the message and the name of the ministry.

Bill Johnson once said, “if it isn’t family it isn’t Kingdom,” and that resonated deeply with us. The ministry is named, A Family Story.

And you all know our message, God is love, His love is always good, and we exist to grow sure! Jesus showed us what that looked like by revealing our Father’s love and living sure in His affection. He called it on earth as it is in heaven.

Our passion is to raise up sons and daughters, fathers and mothers transformed by love and living sure as expressions of His kingdom come. This is the gospel of Jesus and it changes the world!

-- “Prone to Love has changed my heart and my life forever. It's wrecked me at every page. My mind is blown. I'm completely changed in my thinking about God, who He is, and His thoughts towards myself and others.”

Darlene Winans (Regarding the book Prone To Love)

Over the last two years, our time has been given primarily to revealing the goodness of His love through speaking, writing and film. And we are seeing the impact of this life-transforming message.

-- “God used it as a loving way to move me to rededicate my life to Him and Him alone. It was so powerful.”

Derek Wadsworth (After watching The Presence TV show)

We receive these amazing testimonies weekly. 

-- “Prone to Love shaped my heart to find forgiveness, grace, and love for people in my life whom I previously could not have fathomed finding love for again.”

Kara Rochester (Regarding the book Prone To Love)

God often invites us to follow Him to a place we don’t know. As we trust and step out, He reveals where we are going. That has been Karen and my experience in these formative ministry years, and we have gained perspective. Along the way, we have greatly felt your support and encouragement. Thank you!

We are beginning to get clarity on where God wants to take the ministry.


-       Set up A Family Story as a 501c3

-       Finish and release my new book on sovereign love entitled, The Whole Story.

-       Increase my speaking engagements.

-       Produce a new TV web series on the goodness of Gods love entitled, Imagine.

-       Continue to produce episodes of The Presence in partnership with Fresh Water Worship.


Prayer – Nothing happens without it.

-       For our family, revelation and protection.

-       For continued grace and wisdom in my writing times. The book I am currently writing challenges the stronghold of control and I have felt great resistance. I highly value prayer.

-       And finally, for wisdom and strength and greater opportunity to reveal His love.

Financially – The ministry cost is approx. $6500 per month.

-       For our family. This is an all in family journey. God has provided powerfully and we have learned to trust in the areas where there appears to be lack.

-       For travel. In the last two years, in order to minister to a smaller church or group, we have occasionally covered travel cost trusting God to provide. He always does! We can trust bigger!

-       To set up the 501c3. For website development, editing help (including development of discipleship content), accounting, and eventually the hire of an intern (a person skilled in the myriad of areas I am not).

If you feel led to give, we can set up a monthly or one-time support for a particular project. For instance, we are looking to raise $10,000 to purchase film equipment and add production elements for our new web series, Imagine.  

Make a Donation

We are grateful for your friendship, love and support and we pray grace and greater revelation.

God bless!

Jason & Karen Clark

A Family Story - 4 - 10 - 16

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