“This book is for everyone. It’s for people who want to feel more of God’s love.
It’s for people who have given up on His love and are afraid to try again. It’s for people who want to feel a Love so strong they can’t help but share it to the people that surround them.”
— Paula

What would happen if we actually lived out the relationship and reality we talked, preached, and sang about? Easy. We would change the world.

The roadblock preventing us from stepping into our identities as sons and daughters of God is not lack of discipline, resources, or creative ideas. We have all of this?…so what’s missing?

To discover who you are, first, you must know who the Father is and what He’s like. Prone to Love is your invitation and manual to discovering an always-good Father and His love for you.

“This book is life altering and written so well. I have known God as love, but the author somehow creates a deeper, more personal connection that allows me to embrace my identity as a son of God in a whole new light.”
— Richard
“This book sets the stage for a paradigm shift in the body of Christ. It paves the way for the church to become a remnant of grace. God is love and in that love is the ability to meet every need and bring heaven into earth.”
— Esther

Endorsements for, Prone To Love

“Prone to Love is thoughtful, hilarious, and revelatory.”
-- Bonnie Chavda, Pastor All Nations Church

"Prone To Love is an irresistible journey into transforming love."
-- Mark Batterson, Author of Circle Maker

“I am grateful for Jason’s ability to express the Father’s perfect love in his book Prone To Love…"
-- Anthony Skinner, Singer/Songwriter

“You can’t read Prone to Love and not recall the goodness of God in your own life." 
-- Shawn Ring, Executive Pastor, Gateway Church

“Prone To Love is a great asset to anyone who is serious about living His Kingdom everywhere."
-- Dr. Bill Bennot, Pastor, Journey Of Grace

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