"Life didn't end when you said yes to Jesus, your epic story is still being written. Awake will get your blood pumping and help you realize that you're living your own Choose Your Own Adventure story. Like Joel says, 'We define ourselves not by who we hope to become, but by the stories we choose to live.'" -- Andy

Do it for the story...

Clark’s heart-pounding, tear-jerking, laugh-out-loud stories didn’t happen by accident. His life of adventure ignited when he embraced the journey God had planned for him—the story God wants to tell through each one of us. With interactive film clips and personal interviews embedded in this Zondervan ebook, Joel invites you into the story Jesus is telling in the middle of the orphan crisis in Africa, the heart-rending tragedy that followed the Haiti earthquake, as well as his own quirky and very real love story.

As you meet the characters who have shaped Joel’s journey, you’ll see Jesus through the tears of a young slave in Africa and witness intimate conversations with child soldiers in Haiti and youth group kids in South Africa. And you’ll be challenged to enter a God-adventure of your own. Because, according to Clark, another person’s experiences are never enough. Your unique passions, gifts and circumstances are calling you to live big and say yes. What part of the unfolding story is Jesus longing to tell through you? 

For more information on Joel Clark go to www.joelnclark.com

"Adventure" -- a word that catches the attention of a human and continues to fascinate them from the time they first experience it until the moment they breathe their last breath.

Joel N. Clark has written this book in such a way that it breathes life back into the adventuresome spirit of a person. This book is like a light shining into the dark places of one's soul that says -- "Yes!! Yes!! There is more to life than boredom. Read my story and see for yourself that YOUR life can be awakened & fueled with a passion to follow and pursue in faith the adventures God has for your life. 

Thank you Joel N. Clark! Your story has power! I will not be the same after reading this book." -- Esther

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