Write Now

Write Now…

I am at the coffee shop; I have a latte and my Mac Book, which I understand is essential if you wish to be a “writer.” I have my headphones on and I have enough Indy music to write for a month straight.

Write now… I don’t know if I like this writing thing today.

I read somewhere that writing is just like anything else, you have to do it a lot before you could actually say “hey, I’m not horrible.” So I keep typing…

Write now! Now?

I think it’s in me, writing… and it wants out. When I read a good book or a blog, I think, “I want to do that!” Then I start writing…

The phone is ringing – thank God!

That was Shawn. He sure is having a great day… I need a break. Wonder what’s on Facebook? – “Carver is driving and drinking coffee.” That sounds nice. I wonder if he can see Mt Rainier right now?

I check my email – nothing.
MySpace has been dead lately. I check it anyway. Nothing.
I check my email again.
I check Virb and… my email.

“Ok, time to write.

Write now, right now. Write now!”

Hey that's funny. You can write the word “write” two ways and it still works.

Right now, write now… cool.

I should call Joel cause he would think that was clever and would wax eloquent and that would be fun.

I have to use spell check for the millionth time on the word “cause” as I keep putting the u before the a… crap millionth and one.

I want to get better at writing. I cant explain fully why. It’s not an unfulfilled childhood dream pushing me and I don’t think I have enough time or energy to be good enough to do it for a living…

But I think occasionally…

Once and awhile…

I have something I want to say…

Just not today.