Truth Is...

Excerpt taken from Let’s Go Find This Kingdom Come – Chapter Five – God Is Not In Control

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God’s not in Control

If the truth sets us free, then a lie enslaves us. The lie that God is in control can make us horribly sick. It can turn sons and daughters into slaves and slaves into fanatic religious dictators, even worse than the infamous pee dictator of my sister’s childhood…

When we believe that God is about control, then we are forced to believe things that aren’t true and see things that aren’t real. That’s what happened to me. I walked around for years subtly believing that the flu was the response to some sin in my life. When my car was broken into, God let it happen to help me refocus on the disciplines of my faith. When I didn’t get the job I wanted and needed, it probably was because I didn’t love God enough. If the furnace broke in my home, God may have instigated it so I could learn how to trust Him with my finances. Or maybe He was disciplining me because of my poor financial planning. Essentially, life’s hardships were sent or allowed by my Father to teach me how to live better, stay disciplined, to love, and serve Him more.

It’s not that I didn’t see and experience the goodness of God through life’s journey. It’s just that the power of His goodness was sadly reduced to the limits enforced by the lie that existed in my heart about His nature. I was enslaved to the lie that my Heavenly Father was a controlling bi-polar fella; one day full of love, the next wielding a Skill saw. I lived insecure in my relationship with Him never sure what was next.

Whether saved or unsaved, what we believe about the nature of God determines how we relate with Him and directly affects our freedom. When we believe that our Father is about control, then when something goes wrong, someone has to be blamed. If we are believers, then for the most part, we blame others or ourselves. For unbelievers it’s a little easier to blame God, but the bottom line is, if we believe God is about control, then when everything goes south, He gets the blame.

The news calls natural disasters “Acts of God.” And sadly, much of the church still teaches that the city struck by a disaster had it coming due to its sin. In the wake of the recent Japan disaster, I have heard every misrepresentation of Gods nature conceivable. What makes me sick is to hear it from the church. It reveals that we agree with the world’s assessment of a petty controlling God. It makes me sad… God is Love and He is always good. God didn’t send the tsunami. Period.

Here’s the thing, if we believe God is about control, it affects everything. Every experience and encounter is filtered through the insecurity of our relationship with a small God. A control-based perspective of God is evidenced from the subtle anxiety we experience in our heart when the furnace breaks down, to the blatant sense of righteousness when a rapist gets the death penalty. A control-based perspective of God forces us to say, “Japan had it coming.” Control births blame and someone has to pay.

Truth Is…

Truth is, some one does have to pay. Truth is, He already did.

I have lived most of my life subtly believing God was in control. It’s only been in the last ten years or so that I have begun to realize with growing amazement and thankfulness that He isn’t about control at all. Quite the opposite, He is about authority. He has all authority. That’s what Jesus said in my Bible. “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me (Jesus)… Mat 28:18.”

Jesus didn’t come, live here with us, die for us, and rise again so He could be in control. He came to claim and then give us His authority. Control and authority are two entirely different things; control operates in the reality of need, authority is about Love.

My Bible also says that it was for freedom that Jesus set me free (Gal 5:1). While control enslaves, authority sets me free. My heavenly Father has been absolutely amazing at working His freedom in me. As He’s revealed His love – His presence, His goodness - I’ve begun to discover that His love conflicted greatly with the lie that was buried ever so deep in my soul. His love is always bigger than the lie.

I am daily, by faith, choosing to believe a radical truth about the nature of God. This truth has changed everything. The truth? God is Love and His love is always good – always. There is no bad in Him.

Goodness is not a sometimes deal with God. Goodness is an extension of His nature, of His love. It’s absolute; it’s not a theory, or a concept. It’s a greater revelation. It’s a truth we can either believe fully or not at all. Our Heavenly Father is fully, completely good, all the time. And if we can learn to believe this, we have found the core value by which everything in life is measured. Life is about knowing His good love and then knowing more; its about becoming sure.

As I have decided to believe the “good news” I’ve been set free. Free to discover all the wonders of His goodness - His love...

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I am excited about June as the chapter featured all month is about our new nature. Lord bless you all this week!