The Tale Of Despereaux - The Re-telling

Last night we watched “The Tale Of Despereaux.” Karen had just finished reading the story to Maddy and Ethan the night before so there was much excitement for this showing. Teeth were brushed and pajamas put on. We pulled out the blankets and pillows, turned off the lights, turned up the surround sound and cuddled on the couch.

Like many books adapted to screen, there was much missing. However, this movie went above and beyond - radically changing characters and storyline. So much so that when the movie was over Ethan said, “I don’t think whoever made this movie even read the book.”
Then he showed me his “book.” He had written it earlier in the day. After reading Ethan’s retelling I have to agree with him.

The Tale Of Despereaux - The Re-telling
By Ethan Clark

Once upon a time, there was a mouse who was born. His name was
Despereaux Tilling.

He was a little strange. He read fairy tales and Despereaux spoke to the Princess Pea.

Then, Despereaux was sent to the dungeon where the rats live.

He escaped the dungeon with the help of Gregory, the jailer.

Roscurro, the rat, was nasty. He tricked Miggery Sow, the servant girl, into taking the princess to the dungeon.

Despereaux went back into the dungeon to save Princess Pea.

Boticelli, another nasty rat who lived in the dungeon, tricked
Despereaux into the hiding place where the Princess Pea was.

Despereaux put his needle like sword up to Roscurro's heart and saved the Princess Pea.

/*The End.*/