The Bills Sign TO and Hitler is not happy about it.

I am a die hard Bills fan and I cant be more thrilled about the TO signing. That being said, Im a little disturbed that both Hitler and myself share a passion...

If you aren't a fan of the team, here's a few things that help when watching the video.

1- Ralph Wilson is the owner and is getting up there in age.
2- TO (Terrell Owens) is an amazing receiver but has been known to be a "cancer" in the locker room.
3- Edwards is the Bills Quarterback
4- Jauron is the Head Coach
5- Russ Brandon is the Bills GM
6- JP Losman was our previous unsuccessful Quarterback
7- James Hardy is number 81 but that is also TOs number and Hardy will give it up
8- The Dolphins are one of the Bills oldest and most hated rivals
9- Wide right is how the Bills lost their first Super Bowl. With hardly any time on the clock, a field goal would have won the game but it went "wide right." This is a sad phrase that is well known amongst the Buffalo faithful.
10- "Get your popcorn ready" is a phrase that TO uses when speaking to both the press and fans before a game

Be warned, there is a little bit of language - but it is Hitler...

Here you go