Resurrection And Transformation!

There was a snake. He could talk. He made a suggestion. It was a lie. Eve believed the lie. The lie? God is about control and He is keeping something from you. His love isn’t perfect. He isn’t always good. He is not enough. He is withholding, uncaring, disinterested. An egomaniac, a liar, blah, blah, blah.

When we lose track of God’s nature, we become deceived about our own. That’s what happens when a lie is believed; it separates us from His love nature and our identity as sons and daughters.

And that’s just what happened to Eve and then to Adam. They made a choice to believe a lie regarding God’s always-good love.

Whenever we discuss this great tragedy, we tend to focus on the choice, the sinful decision. But what I want to focus on is who supplied the lie.

The thought to disobey God didn’t originate with Eve. It was the serpent’s idea, he whispered into Eve’s ear. And neither was it Adam’s idea when he joined her in rebellion. Eve simply passed the lie along.

Understand me. I am not absolving Adam and Eve. They made a choice to walk away from a perfect love relationship; they chose to give their God-given authority and freedom to Satan. They traded “prone to love” for “prone to wander.” It was a big deal. I am simply pointing out that the idea to sin didn’t originate with them, which I also think is a big deal. Why? Well, I think it says a lot about our original value, how God designed and created us.

Sin didn’t first enter the world through the hearts or minds of a man. It came from a lie provided by Satan. It wasn’t Adam or Eve’s nature to sin that led them to sin. It was a lie believed that distorted the perfect love nature of their heavenly Father. Adam and Eve were created in Gods image and likeness, they were not sinners, they were saints. They weren't created prone to wander, they were created prone to love.

Sadly, Adam and Eve sold humanities birthright, our original design, our full and complete access to transformative Love. Ever since we has lived in the horror of a nature prone to wander. The evidence of sin and death has plagued us.

But then Jesus!

This weekend we celebrate our Saviors life, His sacrifice, and His resurrection - Love's triumph! Jesus won for us complete and full access to our Father! The same access Adam and Eve enjoyed in the garden, the same access Jesus had with His Father!

In Christ, not only can we know our Father, we can live sure in Love and become transformed! Through Jesus, we once again have access to our original design! We no longer have to live prone to wander, we can live prone to love! Through Jesus death and resurrection we can know our Father and become transformed in His love. Isn't that just the most beautiful gift!

The cross is the launching pad, the foundation, the slingshot that propels us into the victorious, miraculous, greater-works existence Jesus modeled and told us we had access to. The cross is only beautiful because of the empty tomb. We celebrate His death because of His resurrection. The power of love is perfected when sinners become saints. That was the whole point of Jesus’s death and resurrection—that we would encounter love and become love.Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 11.21.46 AM

Jesus never once was “prone to wander” or “prone to leave the God He loved.” He came to the earth to settle that exact issue once and for all. He came to set us free, that we might be restored to our original value and design, that we might be transformed from “prone to wander” to “prone to love!”


Jason Clark is a singer/songwriter, author, speaker, and pastor. Jason’s passion is to know the love of God more each day. He lives to see a generation step into their identity as sons and daughters of the King and establish His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. He and his wife, Karen, live in North Carolina with their three children. Jason’s new book Prone To Love is available now.

Some of this article is excerpted from Prone To Love.