Recording & Filming Two New Songs This Sunday!

Hey everyone, I'm stepping away from the normal blog this week to let you all know that I will be recording two songs live this Sunday and we will be filming the whole thing!

I wanted to post this on my blog for two reasons,

First, I wanted to invite anyone who loves to worship and lives in the Charlotte area to come out. We only have space left for about 25, so let me know if you can make it ASAP and Ill let you know if we've filled up.

We will be at

Threshingfloor Audio 585 Charlottes Lane Lincolnton, NC 28092

Start time is 5PM, there will be food.

Second, while many of you don't live in my neck of the woods, I'd love your prayers!

The vision for this night is to celebrate Gods love as a family. My vision for the songs and films is to be seed for a new album, an album that will correlate with my new book!

In the last year God has been inviting me to once again dream in the wonder of melody and rhythm. Songs have begun to flow again and its time to embrace the journey.

I have included both songs here so those coming can be familiar with them. I want you voice!

I want to thank everyone who have blessed me with their enthusiasm to help put this together. First, my brother Joel, who will be coming in from DC to film the night. Also, Elijah and the whole Mosely fam, including Jacob, for believing in me and giving a night of studio time! I also want to thank the players, Grayson, Brandon, Daniel, Scott, Danny and Josh for whats gonna be a great time! And everyone else who is coming, thanks and I'm looking forward to worshiping with ya! Also, thanks to Anthony who helped me develop the chorus on the first song!


I Love You Lord, Heavens Crush

I love you Lord, I lift my voice To worship You, oh my soul rejoice Take joy my King in what You hear Let it be sweet, sweet, sweet to Your ear


I'm consumed neath heavens crush You are here, Your glorious With joy my King I worship You Let it be sweet, sweet, sweet to Your ear

There's no place I'd rather be Than singing love to You as Your singing over me With joy my King I worship You Let it be sweet, sweet, sweet to Your ear

It’s easy to love You, it’s easy to lift my voice Its easy to raise a song and let my soul rejoice It’s easy to love You, it’s easy to sing Your fame I want to give it all cause You’re my everything

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Becoming Like You

I've been Your echo I've been Your shadow But my heart is to know You so I can be Your voice I've stood on mountains I've knelt in valleys From glory to glory my heart will always be Yours

I’m becoming like You I’m becoming like You It's the cry of my heart my King That I’d display Your majesty

I’m becoming like you I’m becoming like you Let Your love be all I know Till Your glory becomes my own