Ready For My Own Bed

I am ready for my own bed with no kids in it. We are rounding out an 8 day trip to Western NY. The kids have been awesome and very interested in seeing all the places where dad and mom first fell in love. We have also eaten at almost all the places where dad and mom first fell in love.

We had a great time driving up through DC. We spent the night at my brothers house and the next day while on our way to Starbucks we stopped by the White House. There was a protest for the Camels - or maybe it was the Tamils. At one point Maddy said "these protesters are ruining our field trip." While Karen explained that the protesters where actually a great example of what the White House represented - freedom of speech and all - Ethan and I tried to figure out what happened to the Camels. Actually Ethan wondered about the Camels, I wondered about the Tamils. I have since learned they are a persecuted people group in India.

The weather in Western NY is supposed to be beautiful this time of year. Though it started out nice, its been hot and muggy since we arrived at Elim.

My hero is here - Bill Johnson. He has been doing heroic things. Its been fun to watch my spiritual mentor meet with my spiritual heritage.

Though I haven't had much time to write I have been processing and receiving much. I hope to write a bit here in the coming weeks. In the meantime here is a few pictures of the trip.