New Song - Me And The Thunder Sons

So, I led worship last weekend at the Branch in the University area. Those church sure know how to worship!

It has been some time since I've played with anyone. Honestly, prior to preparing for last Sunday, I hadn't picked up my guitar in months. So, thanks Grayson for the invitation, I really enjoyed playing with you and the other guys! And thanks for forcing me to dust off the guitar. I'm inspired.

Last night I played through some of the tunes that I've written over the last year and got the idea to record this one as it actually has finished lyrics. I posted the lyrics here as well.

This is a fun way to get an idea about a song...

Me And The Thunder Sons

I turn my face
To a blazing sun
Your glory falls
Your Kingdom comes

Oh my God You are you are You are
Such a Holy love enough, enough, enough
Oh but still I must have more
Lying here on my kitchen floor
Jesus have your way
Meet me face to face

I pledged my head
To a holy love
Put down my paper picked up my guns
We took the hill
Me and the Thunder sons
We didn't quit till Thy Kingdom Comes

Singing Oh My God You are, You are, You are
Such a holy love, enough, enough, enough
Oh, but still we must have more
Lying here on Your sanctuary floor
Jesus have your way
Meet us face to face