Megan & Haiti

My brother Joel and my Sister In-Law Megan are in Haiti today. Megan has been keeping us up to speed on what they are doing and the needs Haiti is facing. We have all been praying for them and have been believing for favor on what they are doing there. Below is the email I received this morning from Megan.


Hi again,

Another good morning. I am a little hazy today and very dirty but looking forward to the day.

I spent a lot of yesterday trying to mobilize food aid and nutrition support for a hurting commune/city called Leogone that has not received the medicines, vitamins and food they need. We visited a tent city and heard about the destruction and visited a hospital we partnered with that's been destroyed (I'm writing a grant to rebuild this one) there. We lobbied UNICEF, WFP and USAID for help. The good news is that we have made progress in Leogone and will begin distributing food and formula in the next 2 days, God willing.

Joel has been (with his camera) in the middle of food distributions, talking with the staff, in camps, with medical teams. Its wonderful to be here together.

I need to get started with work now. Lots of love from us,
Megan and Joel


Today is Megan's birthday and I was reminded of a note I had written for her last year for her birthday. I thought it pretty applicable for today. The note is below.


The fact is, Meghan can do everything and most of it all at once.

For instance, she could dismantle an atomic bomb while preparing Pan-Roasted duck breast, steamed root vegetables and speckled butter beans for a party of ten, while playing Mancala – the 7000 year old Arabic board game - with her husband, while explaining the rules to her husband and then lovingly tolerating his pathetic attempts at cheating... These are the kinds of things Megan can do…

While thinking about Megan, my mind returned to an article I had read recently. I immediately went online and found it. Though the article is not written about Megan, it reminded me so much of her that I thought I would put some of it here.

Please note that I have added to the article in order to better highlight the similarities between the woman being written about and Megan. The changes are (bracketed and in italics.)

Here is the article,

"Jaime Sommers (Megan Nykyforchyn Clark) is nothing but a hard-working woman juggling work as a bartender (International Programs Director) and the responsibility for the care of her younger sister, Becca, (Her husband, Joel).

Although she does not have much, Jaime (Megan) has always enjoyed being as normal as any other human being. However, this all changed when she is hit by a car and seriously injured (when she was born and decided to be awesome).

Following a nearly fatal car accident, (Following her decision to be awesome) Jaime (Megan) receives cybernetic implants, known as bionics. These implants give her superhuman strength and speed, allow her to hear at low volumes and over uncommonly long distances, and gives her 2000/20 vision and mathematical analysis of objects, their speeds, trajectories and so forth................"

Isn’t it amazing? It is uncanny how similar she and "The Bionic Woman” are!


While we would all love to be with them, we have been praying for both Megan and Joel and have been living through them. Here is a link to World Hope the organization Megan works with - World Hope This is a great place to give regarding Haiti!

Below are a couple pics Joel posted recently on his FB

Today I pray for Haiti and for Megan and Joel. Today I pray that You will bless Megan with Bionic strength and give here a powerful birthday miracle. In the name of Your Son and my best friend Jesus, Amen

Happy Birthday Megan!