Let's Go Find This Kingdom Come - Prone To Love Excerpt

My new book Prone To Love releases in three weeks! I can’t tell you how excited the Clark family is about this book! For several years I wrote under the title, Let’s Go Find This Kingdom Come.

That is a line from a song I wrote several years ago titled Northern Lights. It's a wonderful title and was discussed for some time but ultimately the Prone To Love title best captures the whole book.

However, in the first chapter I touch on the thought of finding His Kingdom Come. I used the old book title for one of the sections and thought I’d post that as excerpt here.

I have also posted a demo version of the song Northern Lights below.

Prone To Love - Cover

Let’s Go Find this Kingdom Come

If you think about it, Love walked the earth in the body of Jesus. And while Jesus very much lived on earth, He very much lived from heaven. So everywhere Love went, heaven invaded earth. What’s astounding to me is that every need that was presented to Love was met and fully answered—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—through the power of heaven. And it often looked miraculous.

Love healed the sick, fed the hungry, and raised the dead. Love trumped every need, every time. Love forgave the prostitute, the adulterer, the thief, and the liar. Again, Love trumped every need, every time. Love fed the hungry, paid taxes, calmed the storm, and turned water into wine. Again, every time Love trumped.

I believe the Kingdom of heaven operates from a different core value than earth. While earth revolves around the reality of need, heaven exists in the revelation of love. Everything in the Kingdom of heaven operates, hinges, and moves in that reality. Love trumps.

Need doesn’t exist in heaven. We won’t need to be healed in heaven; there is no sickness there. We won’t need to feel loved; we will know and become love. We won’t know poverty, sadness, or confusion; our Father is rich in mercy and grace. We won’t have any questions about why we exist; the manifest glory of God will make it clear.

As a good friend of mine, Andy Squyres, says, “Earth is the only place we can love God while in need.” We have the incredible opportunity to discover that even while need is very much a part of our lives, love always trumps. Isn’t that amazing? It’s such an eternal heavenly perspective! There is no need in heaven.

I believe all of heaven is available now—all of it. We have access to the same heaven Jesus did. He revealed that we could live in the same revelation of our Father that He lived in when He taught us to pray, “Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven” (see Matt. 6:10). We can love in the same powerful, miraculous, heaven-to-earth way Jesus loved.

Jesus told us that the Kingdom of heaven, the place that operates in love, is at hand. Essentially, this Kingdom is within reach. I am convinced we are here to discover it in every area of our lives.

Let’s go find this Kingdom come!

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