Kingdom Come

Taken from Matt 13:46

There was a fella who knew of a treasure that was buried in a field. This treasure was greater than any treasure any mind could conceive. It was beyond imagination. The treasures name was Truth. This fella was so excited about the treasure that he sold everything he owned - right down to the clothes on his back. He gave all that he was and all that he had and naked he went to his field. He began to dig. And there he found his treasure and it was a Kingdom. It was a greater Kingdom than I can describe but I will try nonetheless.

This Kingdom was built on love. The King himself was love. The Kingdoms greatest power was found in joy, which was engaged through believing. Everything about the Kingdom was good. There was no evil in the Kingdom, not even a single drop - not a sliver. There was no sickness or sadness in this Kingdom and because this Kingdom was founded on love, all sorrow was redeemed and restored to joy. In this kingdom all things always worked to good.

And amazingly, this fella, the one who went digging in the nude, well, he became an heir and citizen in this kingdom. In essence, he was reborn and became a new creation taking on the very nature of His King - love. He was given new clothes and they fit him like a glove. These clothes were righteous and this fella was marvelous to behold because he had the love of His King in Him. Because of love, this fella had access to every part of this kingdom.

This Kingdom had a creed. It was known as the good news. The King spoke it often and the fella’s heart leaped with joy to hear it! It went like this “Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.” This next part may seem odd but it is truly astounding – the moment this fella received the love of his King he found that his field was now apart of the Kingdom. In fact wherever he stepped the King and His Kingdom went with him. And then he realized that this is why he existed – to know the Kings love and to establish his Kingdom…

Ok, I know what your thinking, your thinking I haven’t done this Kingdom justice. I know I haven’t, but in all fairness, I only learned how to write about 30 years ago. I do have several more pages to give it a go and I plan on writing about it for at least another 50 years. So bear with me…

At the age of five, around the time I began learning how to write, I found my treasure. I gave Jesus all of me and I asked him into my heart. At that moment, I became an heir of the King and I gained citizenship to the same Kingdom I just described. Since then I have been discovering just how amazing this King and His Kingdom is. Since then, I have been discovering what it means to be an heir of the King and citizen of His Kingdom.

Some refer to this moment in a person’s life as “salvation.” Yep, that’s a good word for it. But it’s not just a moment. Since the age of five, I have been learning that Salvation is the most beautiful of life’s miracles. I once was dead, now I’m alive! I once was clothed in self-centered ignorance, I’m now clothed in love and righteousness. I once was a citizen of a fallen Kingdom, I now am a citizen of Heaven. What makes the miracle of salvation so much more amazing is the fact that it doesn’t end there. Our salvation is not the end of our story; it’s the beginning of a new one.

If I may put it this way, after saying yes to Jesus, salvation is not only the answer, it’s the question. The question, “how shall we now live?” Most of my life I have understood salvation as an assurance of heaven after I die. Well, yes, that’s true, but there’s so much more. You see, I am saved to bring heaven to earth while I’m alive.

Just like that fella who bought the field, I have met the King and taken on His identity as my own. I have become love and because of this love, I have His creed burned on my heart… “Thy Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.”