Heaven's Crush EP

It was the summer of 2012 when we started the Heaven's Crush recording. On a hot day in July, my family, friends, and I, drove to Threshing Floor Studios in Lincolnton NC to record one song - and the journey began. From then till now there have been knocks and thrills, as old and new friends, as well as family, added depth and beauty to the melodic journey. I want to thank everyone who gave in any capacity to help make this album a reality! I truly am blessed!

Heaven's Crush EP is now available! And I am giving it away for free until...

Also, here is the video that captured the first hot July afternoon with friends and family as I recorded for the first time in 8 years what would become the title song - Heaven's Crush.

For a Free Download of Heaven's Crush CLICK HERE

I am so excited to finally be able to share these songs with you!


- Jason