God The Father

Excerpt taken from Let’s Go Find This Kingdom Come – Chapter Three – Look Up, Let Go

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God The Father

The world is starving for fathers. I have tasted it in my life - the insecurity of the orphan. Even though I have a wonderful father and mother, I have chased many “Bob Mumford’s” searching for someone to make me sure, someone to answer the question, someone to relieve the ache, someone to settle my crisis of identity.

It’s not just my crisis. Everywhere I look I see it. I live in a world that is desperate to know Dad. It surrounds us, engulfs us, this crisis of identity. It is the overwhelming battle we all face. From the tent cities in Haiti, to the house down my street, from the orphanage in China, to the Sunday morning service around the corner, humankind is living in the ache of fatherlessness. We are in crisis.

It was evident in my friend’s 70-year-old grandfather when she witnessed his gut wrenching weeping after he heard the news of the death of a father he had never even met. I saw the haunting in the eyes of the 4-year-old girl being held by a hurting mother on the front porch while the little girl waved to her weekend daddy as he drove away. It’s evidenced in the lives of the rich and the poor. And while it’s an obvious issue for those who have not yet said yes to God, sadly it’s hardly less prevalent in the church. Humanity aches in the insecurity of fatherlessness.

It was Adam and Eve who did this to us. They cursed us to live in the desperate ache of insecurity. They took their God given freedom, and yours, and mine, and they spit on it. They chose this hell. They chose to trade security for insecurity. They placed the law of need between our Father and us. That’s what that damn apple cost us. They traded the Father for a serpent, freedom for slavery. The  knowledge of good and evil positioned humanity to live in the absolute and overwhelming reality of need. The moment they sinned, we all became orphans, stumbling along, scared and unsure, separated from God the Father. There have been days when I’ve hated them for it.

But “God (the Father) is love.” And He is always good. Two thousand years ago, something so stunning happened that I cant help but grin when I think on it. Jesus, Gods Son, became Love in human form. He walked the earth sure in His Fathers love. He lived as the Father revealed.

God has more names than there are ice cream flavors. He is the Creator, Shepherd, and Deliverer. He is Holy, Majestic and Righteous. He is our Peace, Provider, Comforter, and Healer. He is Lord, King, Master and Savior. The list goes on. And while Jesus certainly revealed all of these attributes, they weren’t His primary objective. He came for one reason, to reveal the Father. Why?

I would like to suggest that our questions, longing, insecurity, and identity, are forever answered, settled, satisfied, and secured in our revelation of God as Father. We can live sure regardless of the questions. We can know hope even in the longing. We can be strong instead of insecure. We are His beloved sons and daughters!

I have forgiven Adam and Eve; Jesus made that possible. He lived, died, and lived again so that we would no longer have to live as orphans. He settled the crisis of identity forever...