God Is Not About Control

God Is Not About Control

What if Love has all authority but does not control?

Over the coming months I hope to write a series of articles that address the misunderstanding that the sovereignty of God has something to do with control.

There is a lie regarding God’s nature that can be traced back to the Garden of Eden. It's the lie that God is about control, and a great majority within the church, and therefore the rest of the world, believes it.

The idea that God is controlling is the most disempowering religious thought on the planet. The idea that God wants control is the birthplace of religion. A controlling god has no other plan but law.

The law of the Old Testament was never meant to reveal God as controlling, it was meant to reveal humanity as in need of a Savior. And when the Savior came, He didn't come to control us, He came to give us the authority of Love so we could control ourselves. It’s called grace.

I believe that control is as counter to God’s nature as darkness is to light. It truly was for freedom He set us free. (Gal 5:1)

I believe the sovereignty of God is about Love. And love has nothing to do with control. But it does have all authority.

I believe the sovereignty of God is revealed through the authority of Love, is perfectly displayed in the life of Jesus, and given to sons and daughters through His death and resurrection.

Now that I have opened that can of worms I am off to the Apple store to hand in my Macbook Pro for a new Logic Board. Which means, the next article will have to wait until the end of the week or more likely, next week. I do have an awesome new iPad though – Thanks Karen!

If you just can’t wait, I wrote about this topic in depth in my new book, Prone To Love :-)

See ya soon!

Jason Clark is a singer/songwriter, author, speaker, and pastor. Jason’s passion is to know the love of God more each day. He lives to see a generation step into their identity as sons and daughters of the King and establish His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. He and his wife, Karen, live in North Carolina with their three children. Jason’s new book Prone To Love is available now.