Chapter Four, Part 3 - LAX Cont...

Do you know who wrote the Gospel of John? It's not a trick question. John wrote it. See. Do you know that three times in the gospel of John, he refers to himself in third person? Each time, he refers to himself, as "the one Jesus loved." The "ONE" Jesus loved. It astounds me that John refers to himself in this way because basically what he was saying is "Jesus loves me best."

Somehow John's relationship with Jesus nurtured the most profound revelation that a man/woman can ever posses. To know Jesus in such a way that you could say of yourself "I am the one Jesus loves" is my truest hearts desire. I think this revelation is the foundational truth that every human being was created to posses. And it is available to those who believe!

So there I was in Terminal Two at LAX, standing in a line with hundreds of people, thousands more passing through the place over the course of minutes. I'm on my way to a country that is elbow to elbow and God says, "I was there when that paper cut happened and I felt it and it is noteworthy."

He loves us so much that He knows and cares even about the paper cut?

A mind really can't grasp this. In fact, this could actually offend a mind. But I beg you to decide to believe it; to not allow His love be a stumbling block.

I understand that in such a messed up world, it's hard to accept that His love for us is absolute and pure, that He cares even about the paper cut, that all He is and all He has for us is good, but it's true. You are His favorite. He "loves you best."