Bad Hamburguesa - Becoming Sure

This message is one that has been burning in my heart for the last year. The book I am wrapping up carries the same revelation. I believe it's a game changer! I shared this Oct 26, 2011 at His House Church in Spring Hill TN. It's about our inheritance, it's about our Fathers nature, it's about becoming sure in His always good love!

I edited out the first 11 min where I introduce myself. So its now 40 minutes. See, I made it easy for you!!

Now you can listen while driving to and from work, or maybe while you do the laundry, or how about while you work on your abs...

I'll leave the where and when up to you, but I think you will want to hear this one!

To download, hover over link, hold down ctrl and hit the right click (or just click for mac) Then "save as".

Bad Hamburguesa - Becoming Sure

If you want to hear or download the the whole version, you can go to my website