A Family Story - An Introduction

Hello friends! Over the last several years I have had the honor of connecting with many of you, the church deep and wide. I have shared in the story of our Father's love at home and in my travels. I am convinced His story is ours as well. It's a family story and the only one He is telling.

In 2011 I began to envision a ministry that would encourage generations to grow sure in His love. In early 2014 I felt it was time to take a first step. When my book, Prone To Love released, on the back cover was a link to A Family Story.

Prone To Love Cover copy
Prone To Love Cover copy

While we are in the formative days of this ministry and still developing a website, it is my prayer A Family Story will provide resources to help sons and daughters discover our Father's always good love.

Through A Family Story I also hope to introduce you to my community of creatives; my family and friends. We do life together, we envision and express God’s love through our giftings and grace. We are a tribe of worshippers, dreamers, storytellers, and preachers; a family of moms and dads, brothers and sisters, daughters and sons, united by our singular passion – to know and reveal God’s perfect love.

I am continuing to write. In early 2015 I will be releasing a Prone To Love series e-booklet and in the fall a revised edition of Surrendered & Untamed. I am also writing a feature film with my brother Joel. There is great momentum on this project! And the subject is of course, a family story.

A couple other A Family Story ideas we are dreaming into for 2015 are a Prone To Love conference (I would love your thoughts on that) and we are hoping to edit and release Lloyd Clarks book entitled, “Living Loved.” Lloyd is my dad and his story is powerfully good. His book will empower and encourage the reader to grow more sure in love! So stay tuned…

In other news, I stepped away from a pastor position at Crossroads church in July. I was there nearly three years and it was an amazing season! I am thankful for every friendship and opportunity to grow more sure in His love. They are such amazing people; I am excited about the future of that house!

Since stepping away I have been travelling and speaking often and with great joy! I also have had opportunity for the occasional home show where we have worshipped and I've had a chance to highlight songs from my new EP Heaven's Crush... which you can download for free on NOISETRADE.

Whether you are a church, a ministry, a small group, a writers group… however you meet, I would be honored to come visit. I am currently scheduling next year. Send me an email and don't worry about a budget, we'll make it work!

As we lean into this new season we thank you for your friendship and support.

Blessings – Jason Clark