Excerpt taken from Let’s Go Find This Kingdom Come – Chapter Six –

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Several years ago my hero, Bill Johnson, gave a message on a Sunday about how it's Gods heart that heaven invade earth. He powerfully revealed how there was no sickness in heaven and that we are called to release wholeness and health on earth as it is in heaven, he said it is always Gods heart to heal. Always!

The week after that Sunday, Bill lost his father to cancer.

The next Sunday Bill spoke powerfully about how Gods heart is that heaven invade earth. He revealed how there was no sickness in heaven and therefore we are called to release wholeness and health on earth as it is in heaven. He said it is always Gods heart to heal. Always!

Bill has continued to live this message and in the last years he has seen many healed of many things – cancer included! His life has had an incredible impact on many lives, including mine.

Karen and I are learning that a need met can never be the measuring stick for our Fathers goodness, it’s only the evidence.

We have prayed when Karen starts to get a migraine, “Father, heal Karen’s migraine in Jesus name” And we have thanked Him for His always good love as the headache that typically becomes a migraine fades away.

We have also prayed against a coming migraine and watched, feeling helpless, as Karen still got the migraine. And yet, we have learned, even in the pain, to hurdle the disappointment that seeks to discourage our hearts, and thank Him for His always-good love.

We have prayed “Lord protect this pregnancy and our child” when a heartbeat couldn’t be found. We celebrated days later in the doctor’s office when life was discovered and again when our first daughter Madeleine was handed into the thankful waiting arms of a tearfully joyful new father and mother.

We have also prayed “Lord protect our child and this pregnancy” when complications became obvious. And weeks later we stood in the doctor’s office, tears in our eyes, as the debilitating news was gently broken. In time, on the journey of faith, we trusted in our Dads always-good love.

We trusted God absolutely, risking everything to start a company. Karen and I watched God come through miraculously giving us favor and increase. We thanked Him for His goodness as our company prospered.

We have trusted God completely, risking everything to give the company back to Him. Karen and I have hurdled the disappointment of a failed business and substantial debt and chose to thank Him for His always-good love.

Why? Because we have met our Dad and we are convinced He only has goodness and love for us.

“God shall supply all my needs according to His riches and Glory.” It’s in my bible and yours. This scripture isn’t a bumper sticker platitude, or a good feeling, or a nice sentiment; it’s a promise that His love is good. It’s disappointment hurtling revelation. It’s the truth. It’s the truth even when we are facing sickness, disappointment, bankruptcy, or worse. It’s the truth even when everything we are experiencing screams the lie.

When you hear a story like Bill Johnson's you are moved by his faith. You say, “What a powerful testimony.” And it is! And yet from Bills perspective, he lost his dad to cancer.

Faith isn’t just about what you do before the breakthrough; faith is also about what you do when the breakthrough seems to have passed you by. That’s the moment when we are invited to become convinced in His always-good love...

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